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Local News

sbc pay data 12/28/11 0915 e.a.

sbc pay data            12/28/11   0915         e.a.





only 2 counties in the state of california have failed to submit salary records for public perusal.  one of those counties is san benito county.  the penalty for not submitting the data is 5-thousand dollars in fines, which the county will face if the data is not received in the coming weeks. two special districts in san benito county, (the resource conservation district and the tres pinos water district), have also failed to file the documents.  the other county listed as non compliant with the state is marin county.

car seat laws 12/28/11 0915 e.a.

car seat laws          12/28/11   0915         e.a.





a new car seat law for the state of california is set to go into effect on the first of the year.  under the new regulation, all children under the age of 8, or not tall enough for the seat belt to fit properly,  must be buckled into a safety seat or booster seat.  current law requires children remain in a booster seat until the age of 6 or until they weigh 60 pounds.  after the law becomes effective, fines for each child under 16 who is not properly fastened increases to 475 dollars.

k-mart and sears stores to close 12/28/11 0615 e.a.

k-mart and sears stores to close  12/28/11   0615         e.a.





sears has announced that over 100 sears and k-mart stores across the country will be closing, due to poor sales during the holiday season.  there are five k-mart stores and 2 sears store on the central coast.  the company has not yet announced what stores it will be closing.  the sears in capitola is one of the city’s largest employers, with 68 employees as of 2010.

catalytic converters 12/28/11 0615 e.a.

more catalytic converter thefts were reported in santa cruz early tuesday morning.  the auto part was stolen off of 6 toyota pickups and s.u.v.’s near leibrandt avenue and second street in the beach flats area, and 2 vehicles in the lower ocean area.  20 catalytic converters have been stolen from santa cruz vehicles in the last month.  the part can be sold as scrap metal to recyclers. toyota of santa cruz is offering a free catalytic converter modification that makes the auto part more difficult to steal.

wville cigarette sting 12/28/11 0615 e.a.

wville cigarette sting            12/28/11           0615         e.a.





a sting operation in watsonville was conducted earlier this month to bust stores selling cigarettes to minors.  watsonville police sent cadets into 13 retail outlets such as grocery, convenience and pharmacy stores to try to buy cigarettes without an i-d.  clerks at safeway, walgreens and cigarette city, (all of which are on freedom boulevard), sold cigarettes to the decoys.  citations were issued to the businesses that violated the state law.


in a similar sting operation, cadets were able to buy a switchblade knife, a glass pipe and a lighter from cigarette city.