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MCO CONTROLLED BURNS 09-01-10 11:20 a.v.

Several controlled burns are causing smoke to be seen in and around Monterey County today. The former Fort Ord is conducting a prescribed burn. Fort Ord Officials say the controlled blackline burns will continue through Saturday as crews work to clear vegetation to reduce the risk of wildfire and promote re-growth of maritime chaparral. The Salinas Airport is also conducting a prescribed burn along with an area south of Monterey County near Gonzales. Additionally, today is an affirmative burn day in all of Santa Cruz and Monterey County, which allows agriculture burns to take place.


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A statewide bill, proposing a ban on plastic shopping bags, was declined yesterday. Assembly Bill 19-98, which would’ve been the first statewide ban, received 14 votes in the Senate, 7 short of the majority it needed to pass. The bill called for the ban to take effect in supermarkets and large retail stores in 2012, and would have applied to smaller stores in 2013. Supporters of AB 19-98, say the 19-billion plastic bags people use every year harm the environment, and cost the state 25-million dollars annually to collect and transport to landfills. Legislators opposed it saying that it would add an extra financial burden on consumers and businesses.


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6 YEAR-OLD SHOT - 16:25 update - 08/31/10 S.S.

A  6  year-old  child  is  still   in  critical  condition,  after  he  suffered  a  gunshot  wound  to  his abdomen  yesterday  afternoon.      The  boy  had  reportedly  found  the  shotgun  under  his  parents’  bed,   and  when  his  12  year-old brother  tried  to  take  it  away,  the  gun  went  off.      The  parents,  who were  not  home  at  the  time,   may  face  charges  related to the  1st-degree  criminal  storage  of  a  firearm.

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S.C. BEACH FLATS ARREST 09-01-10 08:50 a.v.

2 suspects were arrested after a 21-year Watsonville woman was beaten and robbed in the Santa Cruz Beach Flats area Sunday. The just before noon attack occurred on the 1-hundred block of Wave lane when the woman said a group of acquaintances robbed her of her personal belongings then punched and kicked her. 26-year old transient Andrew Jaquel, and 30-year old Rose Martinez were arrested on suspicion of robbery. Martinez, a Santa Cruz resident, was also arrested for allegedly possessing drugs.


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Over 5,000 homes and businesses between State Park Drive in Aptos and Old San Jose Road in Soquel, were without power for about 9 hours early this week. The outage, which started at 9 p.m Monday night, was restored yesterday morning at around 6 a.m. Officials say the outage appears to have been caused by a broken pole.


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