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S.V. IMPERSONATION ARREST 09-07-10 18:30 a.v.

A 39-year old Scotts Valley man was arrested last week for impersonating a police officer. After a 3-month long investigation, Akira Kelly was arrested Friday after he reportedly outfitted an old police car he purchased over the internet with a radar detector siren, PA system, police lights, and a scanner. Akira was taken into custody after a search warrant was served at his home on the 5500 block of Scotts Valley Drive.  He was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on multiple charges including impersonating a police officer, exhibiting a fraudulent law enforcement badge, possessing stolen property, and displaying a fraudulent license plate.



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HWY 156 BIG RIG CRASH FATALITY 09-07-10 16:30 a.v.

At least one person is dead after a head on collision involving a big rig occurred on Highway 156 this afternoon. The accident took place between San Juan Bautista and Hollister near Bixy Road, when a big rig and a truck collided into one another, causing 15 to 20 gallons of diesel fuel to be spilled onto the roadway. One person was pronounced dead at the scene and a 2nd person was airlifted to an area hospital. Traffic from highway 156 was diverted onto Bixby Road while CHP cleared the roadway.

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A dining facility at the Presidio of Monterey was evacuated today due to a gas leak. The evacuation of Belas Dining facility and 4 nearby buildings, began at around 1 p.m this afternoon. The leak, which was not part of an active emergency operations exercise taking place on the Presidio and Ord Military Community today, was plugged as of 2:25 p.m. The facility was shut down for the remainder of the day and is expected to reopen tomorrow. No injuries were reported.


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Presidio Emergency Drills 09/07/10 E.A.

A training exercise is scheduled for today at the Presidio of Monterey. The training is designed to test the ability of each Emergency service organization to respond to various situations. Periodic gate delays should be expected as these drills are conducted throughout the day. Noise from emergency vehicles should be expected from the Lower Presidio area.

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PVHA Historic Home Bid 09/07/10 E.A.

A local historical organization has made a bid offer on a Pajaro Valley home to house its archives. The Pajaro Valley Historical Association has been raising funds to build an archive building, but has made a bid on the historic Porter-Pista home which is located next door to the association's headquarters. The PVHA has made a bid of just under the 3-hundred-ninety-nine thousand dollars listing price. Bank of America, which has a lien on the home, has yet to approve the bid.

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