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Food Bank receives donations 7/27/10 TDH

The food bank for Monterey County has gotten a needed financial-boost from a series of fundraisers.   The food bank has received nearly 17-hundred dollars, from the “It’s in the Kitchen” fundraising event, hosted by Kitchen Studio of Monterey Peninsula.    For more information on the food bank, and how to make a donation, visit their website at w w w dot food [the number] 4 hungry dot org.  (www.food4hungry.org)


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Rent Refund Upheld 7/27/10 TDH

An appellate judge has upheld a previous court ruling, which requires the owners of a Capitola mobile-home-park to partially refund years’ worth of rent.   The ruling came late last week, in San Jose.   The owner of Cabrillo Mobile Home Park on Rosedale Drive, Vieira Enterprises, Incorporated, was ordered to refund 5-percent of tenant’s rent over a period of 79-months.   The refund, totaling over 68-thousand dollars, was ordered by the Capitola City Council in 2007, after the owner had reduced services and utilities at the park.   Lawyers for Vieira Enterprises are considering whether or not to appeal the case to a higher court.

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Council considers smoking exemption 7/27/10 TDH

Today(Tues), the Santa Cruz City Council is scheduled to consider lifting the city’s smoking ban in parks, for an event scheduled for September.   The council is expected to approve the measure, which is being proposed by the group Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana.   The group, also known as WAMM, is asking that the council allow medical marijuana users to participate in the annual WAMM-Fest, which is set to be held in San Lorenzo Park.   The event is designed to bring awareness to the usefulness of medical marijuana, and will allow those with valid medical marijuana cards to smoke in the park without being prosecuted.  The smoking ban would be lifted for 5-hours, on September 25th.   For more information, visit www.wammfest.org.


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Fatal Seaside Crash 7/27/10 TDH

An 8-year-old child died early this morning, after being involved in a high-speed car accident that police believe was caused by alcohol.   At 1:15 a.m., an officer from C.S.U.M.B. spotted a car speeding on Highway-1.  The car tried to exit the highway at the Fremont/Rio Del Mar Boulevard exit, in Seaside.  The car was reportedly traveling over 100-miles per hour, and crashed into a guard-rail.  The impact split the car into 2-pieces.  The 8-year-old passenger was air-lifted to a Bay-Area hospital, where the victim was pronounced dead.  The 32-year-old driver was taken to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, and is expected to recover.  The person is in police custody at the hospital, on suspicion of D.U.I.


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Building panel appeal 7/27/10 TDH

Local architect Cove Britton, who recently lost his bid to become a Santa Cruz County Supervisor, has appealed a court decision which allowed the Board to assume the responsibilities of a building-appeals panel.   Santa Cruz County Supervisors disbanded the county Building, Accessibility, and Fire Code Appeals Board last fall.   That board allowed residents to appeal decisions made by the Planning Commission, however a judge ruled in May that the Board of Supervisors could assume the panel’s responsibilities.  Britton maintains that the court misread the law, and that building experts are needed for such an appeals panel.  It could be years before a decision is reached on the matter.


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