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Monterey Fire Chief Named 11/07/10 TDH

 Monterey City Officials have announced a new fire chief for the Monterey Fire Department.   Assistant Chief Andrew Miller will be elevated to the position, starting on December 16th.   He will replace Chief Sam Mazza, who is retiring after more than 36 years in fire-fighting.  Miller has 30 years of experience, including a stint as Pacific Grove Fire Chief. 

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Sal. School Security Grant 11/07/10 9:45pm TDH

 Salinas City Officials are set to approve matching funds, in order to receive a federal grant to make security upgrades to area schools.   The 198-thousand dollars in grant money offered by the Justice Department is expected to be used to add dozens of security cameras to The Salinas Education Center and North Salinas High School.   The money is also expected to be used to provide security card-readers, locks, and fences at schools in the Salinas Union High School District.  The City council is scheduled to vote to match the grant at their meeting Tuesday.


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Bus Program working 11/07/10 9:45pm TDH

Salinas transit officials are reporting success, with a bus program recently created to serve students at Monterey’s Defense Language Institute.   The program is funded by the Department of Defense, and allows faculty and students to apply for free Monterey-Salinas Transit bus passes.   Since its inception in July, 2009, M.S.T. officials reported on Friday, that the program has helped reduce carbon emissions by 2.9 million pounds, and saved 1.4-million dollars’ worth of gasoline.  Almost 13-hundred of the school’s 85-hundred students and staff utilize the program, which has allowed M.S.T. officials to add routes and additional drivers. Officials are planning to expand the service to serve Fort Hunter-Liggett, in South Monterey County, beginning in January. 

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Meeting, Vacation Rental Rules 11/07/10 TDH

 A Live Oak community group is set to meet Tuesday evening, to discuss a proposed ordinance that would place new restrictions on vacation rental properties in Santa Cruz County.   The group, Live Oak Neighbors, is set to meet from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Live Oak Grange, which is located at 1900 17th avenue.   The group will present and discuss the ordinance authored by Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold, which is currently being considered by the Board of Supervisors.

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S.C.C. Rx-Pot Rules 11/05/10 7:30pm TDH

 Santa cruz County Supervisors are set to consider an ordinance this week, which would extend a moratorium, and establish new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries in the county.   The ordinance would force dispensaries to comply with a series of rules, designed to ensure safety and establish more regulation.   They include making sure the dispensaries operate as non-profit Co-operatives, meaning those that operate them are supposed to grow and share the marijuana themselves.  Advertising medical marijuana would be prohibited, and zoning laws would prevent collectives from opening within 6-hundred feet of a school.   The Board of Supervisors is set to debate those, and several other provisions in the ordinance, at their meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

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