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Election Results: highlights 06/06/12 4:30a.m. TDH

In Santa Cruz County, voters passed Measures I, J, and K by wide margins. Those measures extend parcel taxes in certain local school districts. Measure C was also passed, which authorizes the issuance of bonds by the West Valley-Mission Community College School District.

Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold was re-elected to his District-1 seat, while Santa Cruz police department spokesman Zach Friend captured the district 2 seat.  However, the race for district 5 will go to a runoff this November between Bruce McPherson and Eric Hammer.

In Monterey County, Supervisorial district 4 was won outright by Jane Parker.  The District 1 race will be a runoff between fernando armenta and tony barrera, and the district 5 race will be decide in November in a runoff between Dave Potter and Marc del Piero.

Greenfield Mayor John Huerta, Jr. looks to be narrowly recalled. 2 Greenfield City councilmembers were also recalled, but those were by wide margins.

Hollister voters decided to convert the city's mayor position into a directly-elected role, and one that will carry more direct authority to make appointments and other business. Voters chose a 2-year term for the new mayor role.


All local election results 06/06/12 4:20 a.m. TDH

multi-county: congressional reps, all state senate, all assembly,

Here are the results from yesterday’s primary election…

Voters in The 20th congressional district, which includes portions of santa cruz, monterey, and san benito counties, sent democratic incumbent sam farr onto the November general election, along with republican challenger jeff taylor.    California’s new “top-2 primary” could have resulted in 2 members of the same party advancing to the general election, but republican jeff taylor gained 23-point-9 percent of the vote, far more than the next-top finisher.    Farr garnered 62-point-7 percent of the vote.

in santa cruz county, where part of the 18th congressional district lies, democratic incumbent anna eshoo and republican dave chapman will compete in november.    eshoo leads the unofficial results by a margin of 63-point-9 percent to 27-point-56 percent.

The 30th state assembly district also spans across the tri-county area.   incumbent luis alejo, a democrat, was the top-vote-getter, leading republican challenger rob bernosky by a margin of 59-point-8-percent to                  40-percent.   Those 2 candidates are expected to compete again during the November general election.

Voters in 29th assembly district, which includes portions of santa clara, monterey and santa cruz counties favored democrat mark stone, who leads over the next-top finisher,  republican tom walsh, by a margin of         51-point-6-percent to 34-point-4 percent.

Bob fultz trailed those 2 with 13-point-8-percent of the vote.

The 17th state senate district includes santa cruz county, and san luis obisbo counties, and parts of monterey and santa clara counties.     in that contest, democrat bill monning leads republican larry beaman by a margin of 60-percent to 40-percent. (The seat is currently held by republican sam Blakeslee, who decided not to run for re-election following the re-drawing of the district’s boundaries).  Monning and beaman were the only 2 candidates, and are likely to face each other again in November.


santa cruz county:

Santa cruz county voters in 3-districts were deciding on their county supervisors yesterday.   In supervisorial district 1, john leopold was re-elected with more than 70-percent of the votes cast in his favor.  District-2 voters chose zach friend to represent them on the board of supervisors.  friend, the current spokesman for the santa cruz police department, captured 57-point17-percent of the vote.   And the district-5 seat is likely to go to a runoff in november, as no candidate received more-than-50-percent of the vote.    bruce mcpherson nearly cleared the hurdle, winning 49-point-48-percent of the vote. he will face eric hammer this november, who finished 2nd with 38-point-11 percent.

Meanwhile, Voters in various parts of santa cruz county had some parcel tax measures to decide on, which would respectively go towards funding 3-local school districts.   Measures I, j, and k all needed 2/3 majority to pass, and all did, by a wide margin.    Meanwhile, measure c, which would authorize the issuance of bonds for the west valley-mission community college district, passed with more than 58-percent of the vote.     55-percent was needed to approve measure c.


monterey county:


3 open seats on the monterey county board of supervisors were contested yesterday, and 2 of them look like they will be contested again in november runoffs.  In supervisorial district 1 no candidate captured more than 50-percent of the votes.   fernando armenta and tony barrera were the top 2 vote-getters, and will face each other again in the general election.   the District 4 race was decided, with jane parker capturing                             56-point-28-percent of her district’s vote.     and in supervisorial district 5, marc del piero and incumbent dave potter are set for a runoff in november.

Elsewhere in monterey county,

3 greenfield politicians were facing recalls yesterday.   Mayor john huerta junior looks likely to narrowly lose his seat.  418 votes were cast for his recall, only 21 more than those against the effort.   greenfield city councilmember Yolanda teneyuque was also recalled, but by a much wider margin.   more than 71-percent voted for her removal.    also recalled was City councilmember john martinez, who saw more than 64-percent of his districts voters decide in favor of his removal.

replacements for those potentially being recalled were also chosen yesterday.   as all were recalled, leonard dart was elected mayor, while agapito vazquez and yvette gonzales are set to join the greenfield city council.

Meanwhile, voters in Greenfield also decided on whether or not to enact a 1-cent sales tax for 5-years.       Measure “X” needed a simply majority to pass, and it did so easily, with 63-point-35 percent voting in favor.

and In soledad, voters approved measure “Y,” which enacts a 1-percent sales tax in the city for 5 years.


san benito county:

There were 3-seats being voted on for the san benito county board of supervisors yesterday.    Voters in district 1 narrowly gave margie barrios the seat.  she won 51-point-12 percent of the vote in her district, while in supervisorial district 2 anthony bothelo won, with        57-point-54 percent of the vote.    The district 5 vote went in favor of jaime de la cruz, who garnered nearly 66-percent.

Voters in the city of hollister were faced with deciding on whether or not to alter a couple of local offices.   Measure b would change the mayor to a position to 1 that is directly elected by the voters, has more power, and would receive a higher salary.   (Currently the city council appoints a member as a rotating mayor).  Measure b passed easily, with more than 70-percent of the vote.

Measure c stipulated how long that new strong mayor would be elected for:  2 or 4 years.  voters chose a 2-year term for the mayor.

And measure d asked voters if the Hollister treasurer should be appointed.   That measure was defeated, meaning the office will remain and elective position.


New salinas high principal 06/05/12 10:45p.m. TDH

Salinas high school has a new principal.  The board of trustees for salinas union high school district announced tuesday that Judith roney-peterson has been named to the position.   roney-peterson has served as principal of salinas’ Washington middle school since 2008.   the graduate from national university and u.c-santa cruz replaces sascha heckmann, who is taking a position at a school in shanghai, china.



O’neill site gets historical designation 06/05/12 10:40p.m. TDH

The site of the original santa cruz o’neill surf shop has been designated a “california point of historical interest.”   Members of the California state historical resources commission voted unanimously to authorize the designation, and on Monday, the move was made official by the director of state parks.     The site is at the entrance to cowell beach, near the dream inn, (directly across from the monterey bay national marine sanctuary exploration center.)   it was there that wetsuit pioneer jack o’neill opened his first shop in 1959.


Beach water quality warnings 06/05/12 10:30p.m. TDH

Water quality advisory signs have been posted at a few santa cruz county beaches, following tests that revealed high levels of bacteria.  The health warnings are posted at capitola beach (west of the jetty), santa cruz main beach, and cowell beach (west of the wharf).   The signs will remain posted until water samples show the bacteria has returned to levels considered safe for swimming.


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