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Salinas car wreck 7/29/10 TDH

1-person was seriously injured, after crashing his car in Salinas last night.   The driver was reportedly traveling around 60-miles-an-hour, when he hit a tree near Constitution Boulevard and Laurel Drive.   The impact caused the car to spin and hit another tree, which split the car into two pieces.  The victim was flown to a bay area hospital and is critical condition.


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Carmel Valley fire 7/29/10 TDH

One person was injured after a fire broke out at a Carmel Valley senior center yesterday (wed).   The female victim suffered smoke inhalation and burns described as “minor.”  She was treated at a local hospital.   Fire investigators believe the flames ignited when the woman lit a cigarratte while using a medical oxygen tank.   The fire destroyed 1-apartment at Rippling River Senior Center, which is located on Carmel Valley Road.

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School field gets Funds 7/28/10 TDH

A Santa Cruz school has won a lottery to receive a low-interest construction bond from the federal government.   Branciforte Middle School officials plan to use the 2.3-million dollar bond to renovate the school's athletic field.   The bond is being given through the Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  It allows Santa Cruz City School District to pay back the money at less than 1-percent interest, over 17-years.  That amounts to annual repayments of about 18-thousand dollars a year.  The school competed with others that have projects considered "shovel ready."   Over-hauling the athletic field has long been on Branciforte Middle School officials' wish list.

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(updated)Fatal Salinas shooting 7/29/10 5:45a.m. TDH

2-teenagers were killed in Salinas last night(wed), and another is in critical condition, in what police believe were unrelated shootings.   The 1st incident occurred at 8:29 p.m., when a 16-year-old boy was shot in the head, as he sat in a car at West Market and Capital Streets.   He was air-lifted to an area hospital, where he later died.  The other fatal shots were fired in the 2nd incident of the night, at 8:36 p.m., when two boys, believed to be 14-year-old, were shot at Perez and Prado Streets.   Both of the victims were air-lifted to a Bay Area hospital, where one was later declared dead.  The other is in critical condition.  No suspects have been caught in either case, however, again, police do not initially believe the incidents are connected.

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Farmer overtime vetoed 7/28/10; 11p.m. TDH

Governor Schwarzenegger today(wed) vetoed a bill that would have changed overtime laws for state farm workers.   The bill would have given farm workers time-and-half pay for any work done after 8 hours in a day, and 40 hours in a week.   Farm workers currently receive overtime pay after working 10 hours a day, or 60 in a week.    There had been mixed reaction to the bill, with supporters saying the 1941-era law is far outdated, and farm workers deserve overtime when most other employees receive it.  However some feared employers would simply cut workers' hours, ultimately costing them money.

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