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Local News

BODY FOUND NEAR BURNING CAR 03-04-11 05:30 a.v.

Police are investigating a possible homicide after finding the body of a woman last night in South Salinas. Police responded to a report of a car fire in an industrial area of the city, at the intersection of Sanborn Place and Industrial Street just before 10:30 p.m, to find a smoldering vehicle and a woman’s body lying nearby. Police are investigating the incident as a “crime scene”, and say the body was found with signs of blunt force trauma.

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A 52- year old man remains in critical condition after being hit by a car this week in Salinas. Police say the man was not using the cross walk while walking on Williams near East Market Street at around 8 p.m. Wednesday, when he was struck by an S-U-V traveling the speed limit at 35 miles per hour. The man sustained major head injuries and was airlifted to Bay Area hospital.

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TARGET TO PAY $2.25 M IN WASTE VIOLATIONS 03-03-11 19:30 a.v.

A Northern California judge has ordered big box store “Target Corporation” to pay $22.5 million for improperly disposing hazardous waste, along with other environmental violations. The civil enforcement lawsuit against the Minnesota-based company was filed by Monterey County, 20 California district attorneys and the State Attorney General. The lawsuit claimed that nearly 300 Target stores and distribution centers in the state handled and disposed various types of hazardous wastes and materials improperly over a 7-year span. Target has stores on the Central Coast in Salinas, Sand City, Marina and Watsonville.

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CSUMB SCHOOL CUTS PROTEST 03-03-11 19:00 a.v.

Students at CSU Monterey Bay protested fee hikes and budget cuts this week. A group of demonstrators staged a sit-in at the school’s administration building Wednesday addressing their concerns to school officials with a list of suggestions. Students say the California State University system does not properly represent them, and fees in the system have greatly increased upon the tenure of CSU’s Chancellor John Reed. Campus officials say they plan to work with protesters and members of the associated students, to hold public forums about budget issues.

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3 Monterey County police officers are seeking unspecified relief and monetary damages after filing a complaint against the City of King City. Officers Christopher Craig, Abraham Aguayo, and Jaime Andrade allege discrimination and retaliation for “the lawful exercise of their individual civil rights and liberties of free expression” in the aftermath of a one-month-long investigation and suspension of the city’s police chief last year. The city has 45-days to respond to the claim.


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