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S.C. Drug Arrest 08/29/10 10pm TDH

Santa Cruz police have announced 1-arrest was made last week, as part of month-long investigation into drug sales.   The investigation was conducted with Federal D.E.A. resources, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.   Authorities served warrants at multiple locations in and around Santa Cruz on Friday, and arrested 31-year-old Benito Zambrano.   He is accused of possessing just under a kilogram of cocaine for sale, along with packaging material, and 14-hundred dollars in cash.   The investigation is on-going, and police believe Zambrano is involved in a high-level network of drug distribution.

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S.C. man to Sing Anthem 08/29/10 10pm TDH

Santa Cruz musician Joe Ferrara has been chosen to sing the national anthem before the Giants-Rockies baseball game tomorrow(Tues.)   This will mark the 28th year in a row the local entertainer has sung the anthem for the Giants.   Ferrara performs on Friday nights, at Capitola's Shadowbrook restaurant.  The anthem is scheduled for 7 pm, and the game starts at 7:15.

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Salyer Bail-reduction Request 08/29/10 10:30pm TDH

Lawyers for former SK-Foods C.E.O. Scott Salyer have again requested that bail be reduced for the former Pebble Beach resident.  Salyer is facing several federal charges relating to an alleged price-fixing and bribery campaign he engaged in.   Prosecutors have alleged he is a flight risk, and therefore bail has been set at 6-million dollars in property bond, as well as 3-hundred-thousand dollars cash bond.   Salyer has requested that his sister's and 2-friends' properties be allowed as bond, they are valued at 1.75-million dollars.   Prosecutors filed papers last week opposing the lowered-rate.   No hearing date has been set for the bail motion.

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Teens Shot, Salinas 08/29/10 9:45pm TDH

2-Teenagers were shot in Salinas on Saturday morning, and no suspects have been located.   Officers responded to reports at 8:32 a.m., of victims shot at North Sanborn Road and Antigua Drive.   They found two 16-year-olds suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.   The victims were unable to provide many details about their attackers, before being taken to a local hospital, and then air-lifted to San Jose for medical treatment.

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Stranded Sharks 08/29/10 8:30pm TDH

Scientists are trying to figure out what's been causing a recent string of Salmon sharks being stranded on beaches.   6-sharks have been reported stranded on Monterey Bay-area beaches in the last 10 days.   Researchers believe the young Salmon sharks might suffer from a bacterial infection that makes them confused.   Between 20 and 30 juvenile Salmon sharks are reported stranded in California each year.   Researchers plan to dissect 2 of the sharks, to see if they have the bacterial infection.

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