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Officials at U.C. Santa Cruz have reported receiving more out-of-state applicants for the fall 2011 term. According to new figures released by the University, the 10-campus system received nearly 11% more freshman applications from other states, and 22.5% more applications from other countries. Overall, the University received 6.1% more applications than it did for the Fall of 2010.


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2 MEN CHARGED IN C’VILLE HOMICIDE 01-14-11 19:30 a.v.

Murder charges were filed against 2 new suspects today in connection with the December fatal shooting of a Castroville man. 19-year old Edmundo Martin Pulido Junior and 22-year old Kevin Alexander Rogers, also known as Kevin Letcher, were arrested today in the shooting death of 18-year old Efren Hernandez Vargas at the intersection of Seymour and Salinas streets on December 16th. The two were arraigned on gang-related murder charges this afternoon after several witnesses stepped forward. Charges were dropped against 21-year old Steven Garza of Salinas and 18-year old Jeffery Lopez of Prunedale, who were previously arrested in the case, after Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies believed the pair were not involved in the shooting.


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2ND PENGUIN CHICK TO HATCH 01-14-11 18:40 a.v.

A 2nd African Blackfooted Penguin Chick has hatched at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The new chick joined it’s sibling Tuesday in the Penguin Exhibit in the “Splash Zone – Ocean Homes” Family gallery after the first bird became the first of it’s kind to be hatched on exhibit 2-days earlier. The first penguin chick, now 6 days old, is said to be doing well weighing about 8 ounces. The 2nd chick, as of today, weighed just over 3 ounces, and is said to remain in it’s nest for approximately 3 weeks or until it starts wandering on it’s own. Officials at the Monterey Bay Aquarium say both infants are fragile and they predict introduction into the exhibit at the aquarium will be slow.

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An interest rate for Tenant Security Deposits was approved for 2011 by Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. The new rate of .06% entitles a tenant in unincorporated areas to 60-cents for each $1 on deposit for a full 12-months. The interest is due at the end of 2011 or earlier if the tenant moves from the property before year-end. Both Watsonville and Capitola councils eliminated an interest requirement for 2011, and Scotts Valley has no interest requirement.

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Police in Watsonville say a potential gang fight was broken up last night after neighbors called law enforcement authorities. Gang members were reportedly about to initiate a fight after gathering in a park near Rodriguez and West Front Streets when tips from near-by residents caused police to arrive. Police searched the park and seized 2 crowbars and a bat that they say could have been used as wepons in an assault.Police say a large fight was avoided due to the active involvement and participation of the community.


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