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Local News

Seabright Homicide/Investigations Continue 11-27-13 13:00 av

Police are investigating the body of a Santa Cruz County man found early yesterday morning as a suspicious death.  Search warrants have been served in the Seabright area, after a 57-year old man was found dead in the driveway of a home on the 200-block of Cypress Avenue.   A preliminary examination showed the victim struggled before he was stabbed multiple times.  So far, knives and other evidence were found in the immediate area, and a person of interest has been detained and interviewed.   

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Golden State Theatre Town Hall Mtg. 11-27-13 12:00 av

A town hall meeting this week brought together Monterey residents and city officials regarding the purchase of the Golden State Theatre. A panel of 4 discussed what’s involved if the city purchased the 87-year old theater.  The meeting, driven by City councilwomen Libby Downey and Nancy Selfridge, focused on keeping the theatre as a performing arts center for the community.   Residents were presented with a preliminary report on the physical shape of the Alvarado Street building, a look at what it takes to run a performing arts venue, and some financial statistics.  The City says they are looking at potential money sources for the purchase, and so far have ruled out a sales tax.  

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Monterey Financial Abuse Sentence 11-27-13 11:00 av

A 65-year old Monterey banking assistant has been sentenced for committing financial elder abuse. The former owner of Larkin Financial and Assistance Services, Sandee Palmer Larkin was sentenced yesterday to four months behind bars and three years probation for committing financial elder abuse.   Larkin reportedly made out checks authorized by the victim to herself, increasing her pay for several months, taking money she had not yet earned.  Larkin has since repaid the victim over $8,700.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 11-27-13 08:00 av

Just a reminder, many Federal and State courts and offices on the Central Coast will be closed for the Thanksgiving Day holiday tomorrow.   In addition, in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, County and City courts and offices will also be closed.   Along with Banks, Post offices, Public Schools (grades k-through-12), and Public Libraries. No trash service will be scheduled, for either County, instead Monterey Waste Management and Disposal will pick up on Friday.   Also for Monterey County, Public transit will operate on a holiday schedule for tomorrow and Friday. While Santa Cruz Metro will not be operating tomorrow (thurs) except for Amtrak Hwy 17 Express which, will also use the weekend schedule.

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W’Ville/Santa Cruz New Mayors 11-27-13 07:30 av

New mayors have been selected for The cities of Santa Cruz and Watsonville.   Yesterday afternoon, the Santa Cruz City Council chose Lynn Robinson to become the new mayor of Santa Cruz while 33-year old Karina Cervantez was selected last week to become Watsonville’s next mayor.  Both of the cities do not hold popular Elections for mayors but instead the city councils vote on who they believe would best serve the one-year term.  Robinson, who is currently vice mayor of Santa Cruz, will replace current mayor Hilary Bryant on December 10th.  

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