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S.C.C. Rx-Pot Rules 11/05/10 7:30pm TDH

 Santa cruz County Supervisors are set to consider an ordinance this week, which would extend a moratorium, and establish new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries in the county.   The ordinance would force dispensaries to comply with a series of rules, designed to ensure safety and establish more regulation.   They include making sure the dispensaries operate as non-profit Co-operatives, meaning those that operate them are supposed to grow and share the marijuana themselves.  Advertising medical marijuana would be prohibited, and zoning laws would prevent collectives from opening within 6-hundred feet of a school.   The Board of Supervisors is set to debate those, and several other provisions in the ordinance, at their meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

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Salinas Fatal Hit & Run 11/07/10 7pm TDH

A 67-year-old Salinas woman died after being stuck by a car over the weekend.  Emilia Fernandez Zamora was hit just before 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, as she stood outside of her residence on Garner Avenue.  The driver fled the scene, and anyone who may have witnessed the hit-and-run is encouraged to contact the Salinas Police Department.

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Rafter Found 11/07/10 7pm TDH

A 79-year-old river rafter was found safe this weekend, after becoming stranded along the Salinas River.    Denman Gerstung had planned to river-raft from the Bradley area to Cattleman Road, in Greenfield.  However the river was clogged with debris in some places, causing delays in his journey.  He was still travelling at nightfall, and made camp on the riverbank.  Helicopters from the C-H-P and the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office were deployed to locate Gerstung, after he was reported missing on Friday night.  He was found uninjured on Saturday morning.

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Attmpt. Assault (SC) 11/07/10 7:30pm TDH

A 15-year-old Santa Cruz girl was the victim of an attempted sexual assault early Saturday morning.   She was able to escape her attacker, after the man tried to grab her at 6:40 a.m., in Santa Cruz’s Ocean View Park.   Santa Cruz police have released a sketch of the suspect, and have posted fliers in the area.  The suspect is described as a white male, in his late 20s or early 30s, 5-foot-9, and 150-pounds.  He was seen leaving the park on a teal-colored Beach-cruiser-style bike.


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Home-made Bomb Found 11/05/10 6pm TDH

A 19-year-old man was arrested in Castroville yesterday, after C-H-P officers allegedly found a small, home-made bomb in his vehicle.   Officers were conducting a traffic stop on Seaside resident Daniel Walter Diamond, when they searched his vehicle after smelling marijuana.  No drugs were found, but a device described as a home-made tennis ball bomb was discovered.   Bomb-squad officers were called to render the device safe, and Diamond was booked into Monterey county jail on suspicion of possession of a destructive device.

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