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Door-to-Door Scam/Robbery 10/20/10 6pm TDH

Salinas Police are warning residents to be cautious when solicited by door-to-door salesmen, after a house was robbed yesterday.   The resident of the house on the 1-thousand block of told police that she was solicited by 2-men who claimed they were from a company called Rainbow Vacuum.  She told them she didn’t have time for their demonstration, and when she returned home later, her front door had been kicked-in, and her house had been robbed.   Police remind residents to always ask for identification and credentials from door-to-door salesmen.

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Salinas Armed Robbery 10/20/10 5:45pm TDH

Salinas police are looking for 2-men who robbed a bank at gunpoint this morning.   The armed robbery of the Golden-1 Credit Union on the 12-hundred block of North Davis Road, occurred at 11:20 a.m.   The masked-men entered the credit union, ordered everyone to the ground, and demanded money from a clerk.   They fled the scene on foot, and were last seen running towards Highland Drive near the rear of Costco.   Officers are reviewing surveillance video footage to try to identify the suspects.  


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Man Tazed, Arrested (S.V.) 10/20/10 5:15pm TDH

A man who attacked another motorist with a machete this afternoon in Scotts Valley, was arrested after being tazed by nearby C-H-P officers.   The confrontation in the road-rage incident happened in the parking lot at Victor Square.   Highway patrol officers who were having lunch at the shopping center responded, and tazed the man after he had slashed the other driver in the leg with the machete.   The victim was bleeding, however the wounds are described as minor.


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Ladder Accident, B.C. 10/20/10 5pm TDH

A 59-year-old man was airlifted to an out of county trauma center this afternoon, after falling off of a ladder in the Boulder Creek area.   According to 9-1-1 dispatchers, the man fell just before 4 p.m., on the 1-hundred block of Hubbard Gulch Road.   There is no word on the extent of his injuries, but responders deemed them serious enough to request an air-ambulance.


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Bottle Caps Targeted at Cleanup 10/20/10 4:30pm TDH

 The organization Save Our Shores has announced that a group of 4th graders helped remove 8-pounds of trash from Santa Cruz beaches this month.   The group of students from Gault Elementary School, who are part of the ocean protectors program, collected the waste to help protect the ocean, and also to draw attention to the littering of plastic-bottle caps.   Loose plastic bottle caps can be mistaken as food by animals and eaten, causing them to eventually starve to death.  The students collected about 2-hundred of the bottle caps in a single day, at Santa Cruz’s Seabright Beach.

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