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Local News

Toxic Algae Taints Lake 07/17/12 8:30a AF

Pinto Lake in Watsonville has long had blooms of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, but researchers are trying to come up with a solution.    A meeting will be held at Padres Hall in Corralitos this evening, presenting the findings of a 2 year study conducted on the lake.    The state requires signs to be posted when bacteria levels reach 5 parts per billion, as the algae can cause rashes and sickness, and has been linked to the deaths of sea otters.    Levels are currently around 3 to 4 parts per billion, but warm weather may cause that to rise.  Researchers say the task of cleaning up the lake will be arduous, but they have some ideas, including removing nutrient rich silt from the bottom of the lake, and treating the water before it flows into the Monterey Bay.


Snatched Bicycles Seized Back 07/17/12 7:45a AF

During a number of theft investigations, the Santa Cruz Police Department have recovered 10 bicycles they believe were stolen last month.   Bicycle theft is a problem in Santa Cruz.  The Department says that 365 bicycles were stolen in Santa Cruz just last year, and average of 1 every day.    Locked and unlocked bikes alike are at risk of theft.   A list of the recovered bicycles can be found on the Santa Cruz Police blog.


Death ruled suicide 07/16/12 7:30p.m. TDH

The monterey county coroner has determined that a man found dead this past Friday in the pajaro area committed suicide.  The body of 54-year-old Francisco Javier flores Mendoza was discovered at about 10 a.m. Friday, on the walker street train bridge (that spans the pajaro river).   Mendoza was found hanging from the monterey county side of the bridge.



Big sur marathon sells out 07/16/12 5p.m. TDH

The big sur international marathon has sold out in record time.  3-thousand-150 spots for the april, 2013 race were filled in just 26-hours.  That far out-paced last year’s race, which took 29-days to sell out.  There are still a limited number of spots that are being auctioned off at a higher price (for charity).  For more information, visit the website: bsim.org.  next year’s race will be the 28th annual running of the big sur international marathon.



Man tazed in salinas store 07/16/12 7p.m. TDH

A 31-year-old man was tazed by salinas police officers Sunday night.   just before 9 p.m., Officers responded to a report of a disturbance at a gas station on the 4-hundred block of east market street.    jose velasquez would not cooperate with officers who asked him to leave the gas station’s store.  He was tazed, and arrested for resisting arrest and threatening to kill a peace officer.   Velasquez was booked into monterey county jail.



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