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Environmental Workshop 09/26/10 TDH

An environmental workshop is set to be held this week in Salinas.   The 9th annual Environmental Compliance Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, at the Salinas Community Center.   The event is free, and will include free lunch, and will feature a series of speakers and workshops on reducing environmental impact.  The event is open to the public, however leaders of businesses and other organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the information.   The theme for this year’s event is “Stormwater Protection.”  Registration begins at 7 a.m., and the event runs for most of the day.   Or, you can register online, at www.mtyhd.org.

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anti-abortion vigil 09/26/10 TDH

The national group 40-days-for-life is planning to hold at prayer vigil in Santa Cruz through October, to urge an end to legalized abortion.   The group plans to hold the peaceful vigil at the Planned Parenthood office downtown, every day, until October 31st.   The group’s national director, Shaun Carney is scheduled to speak at the gathering, tomorrow(tues) at 3 p.m.   For more information, visit www.40daysforlife.org.

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Coastal Cleanup record 09/26/10 TDH

The annual coastal clean-up day organized by the group Save Our Shores broke its own record on Saturday.   6,043 volunteers turned out for the event, and collected 17,172 pounds of trash at 85 sites, from Wadell Creek to Big Sur.    3,550 pounds of trash, as well as 1,010 pounds of recyclables were collected in Monterey County.   And in Santa Cruz County, volunteers removed more than 12,000 pounds of trash and over 3,700 pounds of recyclables.  


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I.C.E. Program, MCO 09/26/10 TDH

Immigration, and customs enforcement officials have released data detailing a new program to identify and deport violent criminals who are illegal immigrants.   The "Secure Communities Project" was implemented in Monterey County in April, and is part of a nation-wide effort to increase information sharing between jails and immigration authorities.  203 inmates at Monterey County Jail have been deported to various countries, as of August 31st.  The program, which relies on a finger-printing database, among other things, is set to be expanded nationwide by 2013.  

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Sal. Man stabbed, K.C. 09/26/10 TDH

A Salinas man was stabbed by 3-unknown attackers, as he was walking in King City on Saturday night.   Javier Delgadillo Camarena was attacked for no apparent reason, as he was walking near the corner of Meadowbrook Drive.    He  was stabbed in the lower back with a kitchen knife.   Camarena was treated at a nearby hospital for his injuries, but was unable to provide a description of his attackers.

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