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SC CTV granted extension 06/26/12 7p.m. TDH

Santa cruz county supervisors have given a 7-week extension to the non-profit operator of santa cruz community television, (known as C-T-V).  C-T-V is facing significant funding shortages, and supervisors want  C-T-V’s 300-voting members to restructure the operation.  However, following an unsuccessful vote by members to do so, santa cruz county supervisor john Leopold sought to move forward with exploring other options, including merging with another entity to provide limited community programs.   Leopold agreed to the extension yesterday, in part, so that C-T-V can find a new executive director.  If no change is made, supervisors could start looking at other options as soon as august 14th.


ACA won’t pursue SVMH 06/26/12 5p.m. TDH

the number of potential merger-partners for salinas valley memorial hospital has been further reduced…to just 1.   officials with privately-owned H-C-A Healthcare have announced that they are pulling out of consideration, and will not file a final proposal.   That leaves natividad medical center as the only option for salinas valley memorial hospital.  The deal would likely involve a merger, rather than a total acquisition of the hospital.   A final proposal is due on Monday.  Hospital officials could still decide to remain independent.  A decision could be made at the board’s meeting on july 26th .


Murder suspect again ruled unfit 06/26/12 6:45p.m. TDH

A 29-year-old salinas man has again been deemed unfit to stand trial for killing his mother.  Christopher sorenson is accused of beating his 71-year-old mother Janet to death this past December.  He was previously ruled mentally unfit to stand trial, and was again deemed so at a hearing tuesday in a monterey county courtroom.  Sorenson’s mental health is expected to be evaluated again in December.  He remains in custody at Atascadero state hospital.


New monterey ranger named 06/26/12 6:45p.m. TDH

A new ranger has been named for the monterey county portion of los padres national forest.   Forest managers have named tim short as the new “monterey district ranger.”    Short currently serves as a district ranger for the Kaibab national forest (in Arizona).    Short replaces outgoing-ranger sherry tune; he is set to take on the role july 30th.


Cal-Am rebukes desal regs 06/26/12 5p.m. TDH

Monterey county supervisors are set to take cal-am water to court, to try to enforce new regulations governing desalination plants.  Supervisors recently passed a set of regulations setting health standards and other stipulations.  Cal-am officials have argued that the ordinance does not apply to the utility’s planned desal plant, which is being proposed for a site north of marina.  The state public utilities commission has also maintained that supervisors cannot restrict the plant.  County supervisors decided Tuesday to take the matter to move forward with litigation.