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UCSC Students Reports Spiked Drinks 11-13-13 09:00 av

A warning issued this week comes after some students and employees at U-C Santa Cruz reported being drugged. Police say they have received multiple reports over the past several weeks of people saying they thought their drinks might have been spiked while at a party.  Police warn to seek immediate medical attention if you think you may have been drugged, report the incident, and if possible, attempt to contain any evidence for later analysis.  They also warn that drugs can be placed in any kind of drink, and many drugs are colorless, odorless and flavorless.

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Recycling Center Rules Revisited 11-13-13 08:30 av

The City of Santa Cruz is looking to revisit recycling center Guidelines in an effort to minimize theft.  the council voted this week to require items, other than bottles and cans, which are dropped off at centers to be recorded.   Council members say recycling centers are a target for local thieves looking for bikes and metal to steal for cash.  The city is also expected to seek more local oversight from the state, which regulates California Redemption Value buy-back centers.  

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W’Ville Considers Expanding Styrofoam Ban 11-13-13 07:30 av

The City of Watsonville is looking to expand a ban on polystyrene products.  The city council voted yesterday to develop a plan that would extend a current law to prohibit products sold in retail stores.   The city banned polystyrene take-out food containers in 2009.  Officials say even though the ban on the food containers, as well as another on plastic bags has helped decrease the litter problem, more still needs to be done.   So far, Capitola and the City of Santa Cruz have already adopted similar bans.

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Memorial Unveiled for Fallen Officers 11-13-13 07:00 av

Plans were unveiled this week for a memorial garden honoring fallen officers Butch Baker and Elizabeth Butler. The permanent garden will replace a make-shift shrine that residents and law enforcement members filled with flowers, pictures and candles for the two Santa Cruz officers killed in the line of duty on February 26th.   The memorial and garden will feature a fountain and 2 exotic jasper boulders weighing at least a ton a piece, along with a brass plaque with each of the names of the officers.  It will also include a 2-foot high stone wall, stone walkway, along with a bench, lighting and landscaping.  Preparation of the site is expected to start next week.

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New Leaf Bought by Oregon Chain 11-13-13 06:30 av

A Santa Cruz based organic and natural foods market will now join an Oregon based grocery chain.  New Leaf Community Markets announced it’s acquisition yesterday by New Season’s Market.  New Leaf’s current management team will continue to run and operate the market from Santa Cruz, while it’s founders will have an ownership share in New Season’s Market.   New Leaf’s founder and co-owner, Scott Roseman, will join the New Season’s Market Board of Directors.   The combined Company will be based out of Portland, Oregon. 

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