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Salinas Fracking Protest 01-09-14 12:00 av

An environmental group held a protest in Salinas yesterday during a meeting run by state officials over the practice of fracking.   People against the practice protested outside the National Steinbeck Center, while oil and gas officials held a public comment session inside.    Representatives from the Department of Conservation listened to the concerns made by community members over the process, known as hydraulic fracturing, which extracts natural gas from shale rock by injecting highly pressurized liquid into the rock. 

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New Lead in Hollister 2013 Homicide 01-09-14 11:00 av

Police in Hollister say they are one step closer to solving the 2013 murder case of Michael Cortez.  An abandoned silver 2007 G-M-C Sierra pickup truck was found in the area of Bolsa Road at Bloomfield Avenue, the same truck with the same license plate number police were searching for after Cortez was murdered.  The truck was found to have belonged to the suspect in the case, Heriberto Onate Ramirez.  Police believe it may have been used in the murder, and that recent work done on the truck is consistent to the damage reported during the homicide investigation.   

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Wanted Man Arrested in Salinas 01-09-14 10:00 av

A man wanted for multiple outstanding warrants, was taken into custody in Salinas yesterday.   23-year old Pedro Velasco was recognized as a wanted subject when police spotted him and another man in a parking lot on the 500-block of East Alisal Street.   Velasco was wanted for three outstanding warrants including 1.2-million dollars for domestic violence, $90,000 for a vehicle pursuit and a no-bail parole hold.   Police say both men are gang members. 

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Natividad Trauma Center Proposal Review 01-09-14 08:30 av

After a roughly two month delay, Monterey County Board of Supervisors are expected to review a proposal later this month for the area’s first level two trauma center slated for Natividad Medical Center.    Hospital Officials say the Natividad implementation-plan proposal would take place during the supervisor’s January 28th session.  Natividad was selected as the preferred site for the area’s fist level two trauma center on October 1st after a competitive review process that included Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. 

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Holman Highway Tree Down 01-09-14 07:30 av

A driver had to be extricated yesterday after his van struck a tree in Pacific Grove.   Police say the 7 p.m collision near the Morris Gate caused the tree to fall across Holman Highway.  The driver was trapped in the van for a while until emergency crews were able to rescue him.   Meanwhile, the highway was closed causing traffic delays for about an hour.  It was cleared after the tree was chopped up and removed.

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