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In a recent survey, 2 Central Coast counties ranked as the healthiest places in the state. San Benito County ranked as the 2nd healthiest county in California and Santa Cruz County ranked as the 7th, that number is up from 8th last year. Researchers for the project, studied outcomes; measured by statistics such as people dying before the age of 75 and low birth weight babies. Other factors included behaviors such as smoking and excessive drinking, social and economic factors such as crime and single-parent households, access to healthcare, and environmental aspects such as air pollution and access to healthy foods.



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A man was arrested in King City for stealing farm Equipment. Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Moises Rodriguez after he was tried selling over 17-hundred dollars in brass sprinker heads. Rodriguez admitted to the theft, which he says occurred at the vineyard where he works.



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BIG SUR MST BUS SERVICE 04-04-11 07:30 a.v.

Daily bus service is being reinstated in Big Sur on a limited basis in an effort to provide pedestrians with access across the slide area. The bus service on Line 22, starts at the Rocky Point Landslide area and goes to the Monterey Transit Plaza, with stops at Carmel Crossroads, Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Del Monte Center, and the Monterey Transit Plaza. Buses are slated to arrive every-day at the Rocky Creek slide area at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily. 1-way regular passenger fare is $2, with discount fares available to youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, medicare cardholders and active-duty military.

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CARMEL RIVER RESCUE 04-04-11 07:00 a.v.

2 men were rescued after free-diving off Carmel State Beach over the weekend. Emergency responders were called just after 1 p.m. yesterday after a group of 4 divers were seen struggling in the water near Stuart’s Cove, south to the river mouth. 2 of the 4 divers were able to swim ashore when a lifeguard stationed at Monastery Beach responded. The other 2 divers, both Santa Cruz residents, were brought to safety.

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S.C. Man remains in Critical Condition 04/04/11 1a.m. TDH

A Santa Cruz man remained in a medically induced-coma on Sunday, after being attacked at a baseball game in Los Angeles on Thursday.    42-year-old Bryan Stow, who works as a paramedic in Santa Clara County, was assaulted in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, following the game versus the San Francisco Giants.  He suffered severe head injuries, and remains in critical condition and under sedation at a Los Angeles hospital.   Meanwhile, a 10-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the 2-Dodger fans who assaulted Stow, who was targeted because of his Giants attire.   A fund has been set up to help pay for Stow's medical expenses. Contact the CommonWealth Credit Union to donate, at www.cuswirl.com

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