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Santa Cruz Vehicle Collision/DUI Arrest 10-30-13 12:00 av

One person suffered critical injuries and another was arrested for driving under the influence after a car wreck in Santa Cruz early this morning.   Police say a 1997 Acura driven by 21-year old Kevin Smith and a 2000 Volkswagen driven by 30-year old Sean Lyle were traveling Northbound on Bonita Drive around midnight, when they collided, causing the Volkswagen to drive into a telephone pole.  Lyle sustained major injuries and was airlifted to an area hospital, while Smith was hospitalized for minor injuries before he was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.   The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

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Salinas Pedestrian Killed 10-30-13 11:30 AV

A pedestrian was killed after being struck by a car near a Salinas intersection this morning.   Police say the person was walking in the area of Harkins Road and Abbott Street around 6 A.M. when the incident occurred.  Several vehicles in the area were stopped as police tried to determine which had struck the pedestrian. The Abbott Street Off-Ramp was shut down as traffic was being diverted away from the scene.  

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Santa Cruz Drug House Arrest 10-30-13 10:00 av

Several people were arrested from a Santa Cruz drug house on multiple charges over the weekend. Police say they were investigating a car burglary on Walnut Avenue Sunday night, when they came across an apartment littered with needles and heroin on the 100-block of Felix Street just before 10 p.m.   Police arrived and arrested 34-year old Christopher Ryan Page after he attempted to flee and get rid of evidence.   A transient named page was also arrested along with 25-year old Roxane Bray, 24-year old John Monjarez and 28-year old Lana Lucas.  They were all booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.

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Santa Cruz Animal Shelter Grant 10-30-13 08:00 av

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter was awarded a grant this week for a new program aimed at keeping dogs confined outside in a more humane manner.    The $22,500 grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will provide nearly 300 trolley systems to willing pet owners throughout Santa cruz County as well as 200 dog houses.  The trolley systems will replace tethered chains that currently keep dogs confined to yards outside.  Santa Cruz Pet owners interested in having a trolley system installed can contact Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.    

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Santa Cruz Lighthouse Banks Expands 10-30-13 07:00 av

A Central Coast Bank plans to expand it’s headquarters.   Santa Cruz owned Lighthouse Bank says it wants to invest 4-million dollars and buy an empty downtown bank branch on Pacific Avenue.  The six year old bank is expected to expand from it’s current 5,400 square foot location to 8,500 feet in the new building, which will be completely renovated to accommodate a staff of 35.  The Bank’s current employee count is 22.  Work on the new location is expected to begin next year.

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