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Local News

Rape conviction 02/15/12 6p.m. TDH

A 29-year-old man faces life in prison, after being convicted on wednesday of 2-counts of rape.   leandro bautista perez was convicted of all charges against him.    He was arrested in 2010 after D-N-A evidence linked him to the 2001 crime, which occurred in Watsonville.


Bank occupation arraignment 02/15/12 5p.m. TDH

1-of the suspects accused of occupying and vandalizing a vacant bank in santa cruz was arraigned wednesday.   24-year-old Edward rector pleaded not guilty to trespassing, conspiracy, and vandalism, at his appearance in a santa cruz county courtroom.  Rector and 10-other people are accused of breaking into the vacant building at 75-river street, and vandalizing the empty bank.  Santa cruz police officers backed off from an eviction effort during the      3-day occupation last November and December.  (The suspects later left before officers ultimately entered the building.)     Rector is the 2nd person to be arraigned in connection with the incident.  he was released on his own recognizance and is set to return to court on march 2nd.

gilroy robbery 02/15/12 0815 e.a.

two juveniles were robbed at gunpoint near filbro drive in gilroy on monday.  two suspects with handguns approached the victims at about 7:30 p.m. and yelled a gang slur before taking their back packs and gym bags.  the suspects ran south on princevalle street after the robbery.  both subjects are described as hispanic males between the ages of 17 and 19 years old, weighing between 170 to 195 pounds.  anyone with any information on this monday night incident is asked to contact the gilroy police department.

gusd budget cuts 02/15/12 0815 e.a.

budget cut RECOMMENDATIONS for the 2012-2013 school year at the gilroy unified school district have been announced.  programs AFFECTED by the proposed cuts are adult education, elementary music and p.e., home to school transportation, and across the board salary reductions.  the district is faced with a loss in funding as much as 841 dollars per student.   the gilroy unified school board is set to meet at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the district offices on arroyo circle in gilroy.

m.j. vending machine 02/15/12 0815 e.a.

a hollister medical marijuana dispensary has been threatened with a lawsuit from a vending machine company.  scott mcphail, owner of purple cross rx, showcased a medbox vending machine he had purchased and put in the lobby of the bolsa road dispensary.  mcphail had announced plans to market the machine to pharmacies and other medical facilities.  the founder of prescription vending machines incorporated sent mcphail a “cease and desist” letter, saying that mcphail lied about the involvement with the machine.  the company plans to sue the dispensary for harming the company’s image.