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doctor's office evacuated (MCO)

A monterey doctor’s office was evacuated this afternoon, when a suspicious package was brought in by a patient.   A marina woman brought the package to the doctor’s office on upper ragsdale drive at about 2:20 p.m.   she had received the package at her home, and reported that she began feeling ill when she detected an odor coming from the box.  The Monterey county   health department and seaside fire department were contacted, and officials removed the package for investigation.   The woman did not require medical attention.


MCO fire (Turkey Flats) 07/09/12 5:20p.m. TDH

Fire fighters from cal-fire and other agencies are battling a wildfire in monterey county that has so far burned more than 27-hundred acres.   The blaze erupted at 11:25 a.m. off of cholame road near turkey flats.   The fire is about 30-percent contained.

Fireworks Arrest 07/09/12 AF

Salinas Police arrested one man and issued a citation to another on Sunday after an officer observed someone igniting illegal fireworks.    35-year-old German Rodriguez was seen lighting the fireworks on the zero to 100 block of Buena Vista drive.    Rodriguez was uncooperative with police.    During the investigation, his brother, 39-year-old Miguel Garcia-Rodriguez emerged from a neighboring house and began to intervene.     Garcia-Rodriguez at one point attempted to pull his younger brother away from the officer.   Garcia-Rodriguez ran into his home, but continued to challenge the officer. German Rodriguez was cited for illegal fireworks.    Miguel Garcia-Rodriguez was arrested for obstructing or resisting an officer and booked into Monterey County jail.

Illegal Campsite Cleanup 07/09/12 AF

The Santa Cruz Police Department, along with Parks and Recreation and Public Works, has formed a task force aimed at addressing the issue of illegal campsites around the city.    The team plans to identify and eradicate many of these illegal sites over the next 30 to 45 days.    Illegal camping has become an increasing problem, and the effort is the result of growing public safety concerns, as well as possible illegal activity happening within them.   The task force will also be seeking warrants for individuals who have received more than three citations for camping, but have failed to appear in court.   There are currently 124 individuals fitting that description, with 691 outstanding citations.

Man Robbed in Front of Own Home 07/09/12 AF

An unsuspecting Watsonville man was robbed at gunpoint while standing outside of his own home last night.     The 27-year-old victim was outside of his Hushbeck Avenue residence when a young man brandishing a gun approached him and demanded money.   The thief escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash, and ran to a waiting car.    The thief is described as being 5 foot 4 Latino boy between the ages of 15 and 17.