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Pinnacles Name Change 10/01/10 0700 E.A.

The United States Senate has passed a bill to change the name of Pinnacles National Monument. The bill would upgrade the areas status to state park and would expand the area by 2,905 acres to protect additional areas of South Chalone Creek. The bill is slated to be voted on next after the November election.

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King City Sales Tax 10/01/10 0800 E.A.

The King City Council will consider a proposal to impose a 1-cent sales tax in order to pay for more police officers. An audit of the King City Police Department was recently completed and showed that the community wants more officers. Currently, the 12-thousand resident city has 16 police officers. The city council is expected to discuss the sales tax within the next few weeks.

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Salinas arrest 10/01/10 TDH

A 40-year-old man was arrested in Salinas yesterday, after allegedly trying to rob a liquor store.   Richard Messina is accused of trying to steal a case of cigarettes from Cal’s Liquor on Central Avenue.   Messina was detained by the store owner and a couple of shoppers.  He was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.

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S.P.D. Reduced Lobby hrs 10/01/10 7:15am TDH

The Salinas police department announced yesterday(Thurs) that the department’s lobby will only be open 4-days-a-week.  The civilian employees that staff the lobby will be furloughed when the lobby is closed, every Friday.   Today marks the first day of closure.  The lobby serves about 85 people a day, to take reports of minor or past crimes.  A phone line has been installed next to the lobby doors, which can connect someone with a Monterey County dispatcher, in case the matter is urgent.  Otherwise, the police department will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays.   The move does not affect any sworn officers.

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P.G. Officers compaint 10/01/10 6:15am TDH

The Pacific Grove Police Officers Association has filed a charge with the state, contending that Pacific Grove city leaders violated its contract.   The Officers Association says that the city council violated state law when it voted this summer to reduce contributions to police pensions, when it passed the Sustainable Retirement Benefit Reform Initiative.  The union maintains that the change was made without its consultation, and without a public vote, and therefore violates state labor laws.

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