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A 50-year old man was taken to a local hospital after being shot in Salinas early this morning.   The 1 a.m. shooting occurred at the Super Cakes Bakery on the 700 block of East Alisal Street.   The victim was approached by 2 male suspects who walked into the bakery, asked to use the phone, and then shot the man in the shoulder.    Police continue investigations, meanwhile, anyone with any information, is encouraged to call the anonymous crime tip line at 1-800-78-crime.

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HWY 9 DUI ARREST 09-07-10 20:30 a.v.

A former Boulder Creek woman was arrested today on suspicion of driving under driving the influence after a low-speed chase took place with officers. Cupertino resident, 30-year Nicole Kusaba, was said to be driving recklessly on the highway at around 9 a.m., when she continued driving for a mile, after an officer attempted to stop her just North of San Lorenzo Valley High School. Kusaba was arrested at Glen Arbor Drive on suspicion of driving under the influence and failing to yield to a peace officer.

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A Salinas woman accused of killing her boyfriend, made her 1st court appearance today. 42-year old Verginia Turner was charged with premeditated murder for killing her on-again, off-again boyfriend, attorney, Mark Hafen, who was found dead in his home last week. Court documents recently released show that Turner had restraining orders filed by two of her ex-boyfriends. In both case, the boyfriends feared for their lives and said that Turner threatened to kill them if they were ever caught with another woman. The Monterey County Coroner’s office has confirmed that Hafen died from blunt force head injuries. Turner is expected to appear in court Thursday.


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S.V. IMPERSONATION ARREST 09-07-10 18:30 a.v.

A 39-year old Scotts Valley man was arrested last week for impersonating a police officer. After a 3-month long investigation, Akira Kelly was arrested Friday after he reportedly outfitted an old police car he purchased over the internet with a radar detector siren, PA system, police lights, and a scanner. Akira was taken into custody after a search warrant was served at his home on the 5500 block of Scotts Valley Drive.  He was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on multiple charges including impersonating a police officer, exhibiting a fraudulent law enforcement badge, possessing stolen property, and displaying a fraudulent license plate.



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HWY 156 BIG RIG CRASH FATALITY 09-07-10 16:30 a.v.

At least one person is dead after a head on collision involving a big rig occurred on Highway 156 this afternoon. The accident took place between San Juan Bautista and Hollister near Bixy Road, when a big rig and a truck collided into one another, causing 15 to 20 gallons of diesel fuel to be spilled onto the roadway. One person was pronounced dead at the scene and a 2nd person was airlifted to an area hospital. Traffic from highway 156 was diverted onto Bixby Road while CHP cleared the roadway.

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