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Local News

s.c. homeless population 07/27/11 0930 e.a.

results of a census taken of the homeless population in santa cruz shows that the number of homeless people has risen 22 percent within 2 years.  according to a count conducted by the united way of santa cruz, about 27-hundred people are without homes in santa cruz county.  researchers attribute the high homeless numbers to the poor job market and expensive rents.  the city of santa cruz had the most homeless, with 1,070, and scotts valley rose from zero homeless to 13.





the united way of santa cruz takes a census of the homeless population every 2 years to better adjust services that are offered.

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south county man waives parole 07/27/11 0930 e.a.

a south santa cruz county man who shot his father in the head nearly 30 years ago waived his right to parole at a hearing on tuesday.  56 year-old alan howard hardwick was convicted of 2nd degree murder in 1986 for killing his father when he was not allowed to borrow the car.  hardwick has been serving his sentence in the california men’s colony in san luis obispo. hardwick continues to deny responsibility for his father’s death, and has refused to work in prison, receive therapy or study any vocational trades.  hardwick is eligible for parole again in 2013.

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bicyclist suffers head injuries 07/27/11 0630 e.a.

a santa cruz woman is recovering from head injuries after she was struck by a car while riding a bicycle.  the 19-year-old bicyclist was riding on laurel street around 5:30 p.m. when she was hit by a driver turning left onto felix street, she was flown to an out of county trauma center.

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downtown attack - sentencing 07/27/11 0630 e.a.

a santa cruz man accused of assaulting a woman in downtown santa cruz last month was sentenced on monday.  25 year-old kyle jason henderson allegedly fondled a woman and then used rasict language when being arrested by an african-american police sergeant. at his court hearing on monday, he was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

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Governor  Jerry  Brown has  signed  SB-614  into  law.     That  means  that  parents  of  high  school  students  have  a  little  more  time  to  make  sure  their  children  get  their  Whooping  Cough  shots.    The  new  law  allows  schools  to  conditionally  admit  7th through  12th grade  students who  can’t show  proof  of  their  pertussis  shots on  the  first  day  of  school  this  fall.

Those  students  will  have  up  to  30  more days  to  get  the  necessary  shot,   and  bring  their  medical  paperwork  to  their  schools.

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