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Stolen car arrest (sal) 04/11/11 4:30p.m. TDH

Salinas police officers arrested a 14-year-old boy yesterday morning, for possession of a stolen vehicle, and driving without a license.   The teenager was stopped by officers after they saw the vehicle driving without headlights, at north sanborn road and east laurel drive.  The teen is also believed to be a gang member; he was booked into monterey county juvenile hall. A 2nd teenager was released to her family.

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Stolen truck, controlled substance 04/11/11 4:30p.m. TDH

A 23-year-old man was arrested in salinas yesterday, for possession of a stolen vehicle.   The incident was reported at 11:43 a.m., after one of the owners of bunker trucking saw one of their trucks near airport and terven avenue.  Salinas police officers responded, and located 23-year-old steven bunker at the pilot truck stop on work street.  Bunker also faces charges of possession of a controlled substance.

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S.C. MISSING HIKERS FOUND SAFE 04-11-11 15:00 a.v.

2 hikers who went missing from 2 different Santa Cruz County State Parks Saturday were found safe. The first incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. when a San Jose woman used her cell phone to report that she was lost somewhere in Castle Rock State Park. The woman, who has been identified as Laura Ringer, was found 7-and-a-half hours later suffering from hypothermia. Meanwhile, a 43-year old German man became separated from his hiking partner at Big Basin Redwoods State Park around 5 p.m. The man was reported missing 9 hours later and a Rescue team assembled at 12:30 a.m. this morning and found the man at 3 a.m. The man did not require medical attention.


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PRUNEDALE CVS BURGLARY 04-11-11 09:00 a.v.

Apparently, breaking into a Prunedale CVS pharmacy was exhausting work as Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies found the alleged burglar asleep inside the store Friday. No items were taken from the pharmacy and no weapons were found. Deputies arrested 19-year old Steven James Cobos from the Vierra Canyon Road CVS and booked him into Monterey County Jail.

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Santa Cruz County Supervisors failed to approve an ordinance last week which would have limited supervisor’s ability to approve their own salary increases. Under the proposed ordinance, the Santa Cruz County supervisor’s raises would have been tied to those of the state’s superior court judges. Supervisor’s salaries would have been capped at 2.5%, with increases larger than that, going to the voters.


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