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Monterey Gang Stabbing 8/7/12 10a AF

Two men were stabbed in a Monterey parking lot early Sunday morning by a group alleging to be gang members.    The 20 and 22-year old victims were in a Bank of America parking lot around 2:30am when they were approached by a group of 5 or 6 men.   The group claimed they were members of the notorious Norteno gang, and stared that they were from Watsonville.   They group then attacked the two victims and stabbed both of the men.    The victims were transported to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, treated and released.    The motivation for the stabbing is still unclear, as it is not believed that the victims have any gang associations.

Pacific Avenue Direction Discussion 8/7/12 9.00a AF

The Santa Cruz City Council will likely begin hearing arguments on the issue of one-way versus two-way roads on downtown Pacific Avenue in September.    A retail planning group released a report last year, stating that the number one thing local leaders could do to boost downtown business revenue would be to make the street two-way.    Plans to change the one-way sections of Pacific moved forward until a test run by emergency vehicles caused a postponement.   The Downtown Association hold several meetings with its 500 members in the next few weeks to judge what business owners would prefer.

Richmond Refinery Fire 8/7/12 8.00a AF

A Chevron refinery in Richmond exploded into flames Monday night after a small in a diesel processing unit caught fire and spread.    The 6:15 pm blaze threw clouds up smoke over East Bay cities, and caused the closure of the Richmond Bay Area Rapid transit through last night.    The fire was contained and eventually extinguished last night.   Only one mild burn to an employee of the refinery was reported, but several dozen residents around the facility checked into local hospitals with respiratory problems.

New scc sheriff’s deputies 08/06/12 7:30p.m. TDH

Santa cruz county has 4 new deputy sheriffs.  Brian lande, josh mittmann, matt presser, and luis melgoza were sworn in monday.   Meanwhile, budget constraints have still left 20-vacant positions frozen at the santa cruz county sheriff’s office.


Drug/weapons arrest (sal) 08/06/12 7:15p.m. TDH

A 29-year-old man was arrested in salinas Saturday night on multiple charges.   fausto castro was pulled over near towt and Acosta streets for a traffic violation.  a salinas police officer searched the vehicle after detecting the smell of marijuana.    not only was marijuana allegedly found in the vehicle, but so were a loaded gun and drug paraphernalia.    Castro was arrested without incident, and was booked into monterey county jail for possession of a loaded firearm, possession of marijuana, and gang enhancements.