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Tainted-Spinach Suit Settled 01/21/11 5:45pm TDH

A federal lawsuit against 3-California spinach growers has been settled.    Utah-resident Chelsey Macy and her husband had filed the 2008 suit against Salinas-based Mission Organics, San Juan Bautista based Natural Selection Foods, and Dole Food Company, alleging that eating spinach tainted by E. Coli left her with a permanent disability.   The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount during trial yesterday.

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Human Remains Found in S.C. 01/21/11 5:15pm TDH

Human remains were discovered this afternoon in the santa cruz landfill.  The remains were found just before 2 p.m., at the Resource Recovery Facility on Dimeo Lane (a few miles north of santa cruz).   Authorities are investigating, and believe the remains were dumped there by a dump truck.

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After a 5-month long investigation, 2 suspects were arrested yesterday in connection with committing over 30-counts of felony graffiti vandalism and over 300-counts of misdemeanor graffiti vandalism throughout Santa Cruz County. 18-year old Alfonso Jaquez was arrested for committing over $15,000 worth of damage along with a 17-year old, who committed over $19,000 in damage. Victims of the vandalism include the City of Watsonville, City of Capitola, City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency, and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. Jaquez was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on 15-felony counts of vandalism and is being held on $60,000 bail, the 17-year old was booked into Santa Cruz Juvenile Hall on 15-counts of felony vandalism.


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SVSWA CONSIDERS ENERGY EIR 01-21-11 10:40 a.v.

The Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority board voted this week to begin an environmental impact review of using conversion technology at a Gonzales Landfill. The environmental impact report is expected to study the use of a technology called plasma arc gasification to convert garbage at the landfill into energy. 2 different firms, so far, have proposed paying for the E-I-R along with building the facility. Monterey County Supervisors however, have asked for up to 3-months to conduct more community outreach to all waste authority constituents including Gonzales.


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MPC TO USE THREAT ASSESSMENT 01-21-11 10:20 a.v.

A Central Coast College is working towards identifying troubled students through a new method being used by colleges across the country. Monterey Peninsula College is the first reported college on the Central Coast to identify at-risk students through “Threat Assessment”. The school says if a student acts out in class, a report is filed by Campus police, and is kept on file in a computer database so that school counselors can be alerted early on before a student becomes expelled. School officials say threat assessment is a way to assess potential threats and decide what action to take next.


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