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Local News

Man Flees For Unknown Reason 9/12/12 11.44a AF

An unidentified man fled a vehicle during a routine traffic stop in Salinas early this morning.    A Salinas Police officer pulled over a vehicle for expired registration while patrolling on Homestead Avenue, but when the car stopped, a man emerged from the passenger side and took off running.    Salinas Police set up a perimeter in an attempt to locate the man, but he couldn’t be found.   It is unclear why he decided to run in the first place.    The driver of the car received a citation for the expired tags.


Formerly Oiled Otter Gives Birth 9/12/12 10.15a AF

A Sea Otter found covered in oil on Sunset State Beach and rehabilitated in 2009 has given birth to her first pup.     Olive, the formerly oiled sea otter, was spotted by researchers from the Department of Fish and Game with her new baby.     It was discovered that the animal was pregnant sometime in July.     The department has been tracking her progress and reassimilation back into the wild since her 2009 rehabilitation and release, and has reported that Olive and her new pup are doing very well.


New Santa Cruz Lieutenant 9/12/12 9.45a AF

The Santa Cruz Police Department has announced that it has promoted Police sergeant Dan Flippo to the position of Lieutenant.      The 21-year veteran of the department has worked in a number of areas, including investigations, the downtown unit, and field training for new hires.     Police Chief Kevin Vogel says that in addition to years of experience, Lieutenant Flippo brings a great deal of leadership to their management team.


Bi-lingual Thief Asks Twice for Wallet 9/12/12 9.15a AF

Two men were robbed in their car at gunpoint in Salinas early this morning.   Two brothers, aged 18 and 23, were driving to a co-workers house on Vallejo Street a little after 6:15 this morning.   Upon arrival, a man approached the driver’s side and demanded money from both victims in English, pointing a small black semi auto handgun at them.   The victim's did not understand, so they just sat there.  The suspect became angry and broke the front drivers side window with the handgun, then repeated his demand in Spanish.   The suspect took a wallet which contained $500 dollars and fled north on Tampico Avenue.    Investigation is ongoing.


Warriors Stadium Waylaid 8/12/12 8.40a AF

The project to build the Santa Cruz Warriors stadium has been delayed, after a law firm representing local residents indicated they may move forward with a lawsuit.        The suit cites a lack of study into environmental impacts as well as parking and noise troubles for the surrounding multi-residential area.     The Santa Cruz City Council decided yesterday to hold off on the final vote until they can respond to the concerns.     The Warriors say they are concerned about possible long delays, as the team intends to have their first home game on December 23rd.    The City Council plans to meet

this afternoon to decide whether to continue with a public hearing on this subject.


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