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Highway 101 Northbound Lane Closed- 12/15/14 13:30 P.S.

Highway 101’s northbound lanes in Gilroy, which were closed today after a big rig flipped have now been reopened. The accident occurred around 12:30 p.m. past Highway 25 and Bolsa Road. All traffic was diverted onto Highway 25 to Bolsa Road for a period of time until the scene could be cleared and the lanes were reopened.

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Coastal Commission Challenges Proposed Sand City Resort- 12/15/14 10:00 S.G.

The Coastal Commission is challenging the approval of a resort in Sand City. The Monterey Bay Shores Resort would be situated on 40 acres of dunes just south of Ford Ord State Beach. The commissioners are concerned the development could impact endangered bird populations, as well as cause dune erosion and flooding. Furthermore, commission staff have reported the site exceeds height limitations, blocks ocean views, and that the project is not in compliance with Sand City’s local coastal plan. No date has been set for the appeals hearing. The commission will meet again next month in Marina Del Rey.



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Hollister Man Arrested for Sexual Assault- 12/15/14 9:30 S.G.

A Hollister man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. Officials say 42-year-old Joseph Alvarado allegedly assaulted two male juveniles from 2002 to 2005. Alvarado is a county employee working as an EMS specialist. Anyone who knows additional information or other potential victims is urged to contact the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office.


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UCSC Launches Project to Study Climate Change on Reserves- 12/15/14 8:00 S.G.

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz are launching a project to monitor climate change in the university’s network of natural reserves. Dozens of faculty researchers from nine UC campuses will join the effort to study the effects of global warming in varied environments across California. Research will begin with scientists working at 24 of the 39 reserves. The project is being funded by a three-year grant of $1.9 million from UC President Janet Napolitano.

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At Least One Injured in Salinas Shootout- 12/15/14 7:30 S.G.

At least one man was injured following a gang-related incident in Salinas last night (SUN). Officials say the incident occurred near the Little Caesar’s restaurant on S. Sanborn Rd. Shortly before 11:30 p.m., officers received reports of two groups of Hispanic males shooting at each other. Both parties fled the scene when police arrived. Shortly after, 19-year-old Eduardo Rios was dropped off at the hospital with grazing gunshots wounds to his forehead and lower back. He was uncooperative with investigators. Police later located the vehicle that had taken Rios to the hospital. It was occupied by 24-year-old Julian Fernandez, who had an outstanding warrant. He was taken into custody.

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