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Local News

s.c. charter school rejected 07/25/11 0910 e.a.

a proposed charter school in pajaro valley was rejected by the santa cruz county board of education for the 2nd time.  pajaro preparatory academy would have focused on children of migrant farmworkers, with the promotion of bilingualism and the use of technology in the classroom.  the board of education denied the proposed school in a 5-1 vote on thursday.

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san lucas probation search 07/25/11 0910 e.a.

a san lucas man was arrested during a probation search when burglary tools were found in his possession on saturday.  monterey county sheriff’s deputies noticed that javier arturo godoy appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant.  when searched, deputies found a pair of black gloves and a screwdriver in godoy’s back pocket. under the terms of his probation, godoy is not permitted to possess what is considered “burglary tool”. he was booked into monterey county jail.

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watsonville crash 07/25/11 0730 e.a.

no one was injured when an s-u-v hit the side of a watsonville meat market and busted a gas meter.  the driver fled the scene shortly after his mitsubishi montero hit the lincoln street meat market at 12:15 a.m. the incident closed freedom boulevard for about 3 hours while repairs to the gas line were made.  the incident is still under investigation.

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Garden of Eden Injury 07/25/11 0730 e.a.

a man was inured on sunday when he jumped off a ledge at a water hole in henry cowell park. the 20 year-old man fell short and struck a rocky ledge area in the garden of eden river area.  access to the injured man proved to be a difficulty for RESPONDING FIREFIGHTERS.  the man was taken to an area hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

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Hit and run 07/24/11 TDH

 Salinas police arrested a man on Friday night for hit and run, and driving without a license.   49-year-old juan higuera telles is accused of hitting a man as he crossed at north sanborn road near Connelly court.  Police say a witness followed telles after he allegedly went around the injured man, and continued driving.   Telles is a Mexican citizen;  the Mexican embassy was notified of his arrest.   He was booked into Monterey county jail.

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