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Local News

California Dollar Tree Stores Ordered to Pay Penalties for Improper Waste Disposal- 4/27/15 07:00 S.G.

Dollar Tree, Inc. has been ordered to pay nearly $3 million in penalties for the improper disposal of hazardous waste in California. Dozens of county courts statewide announced the ruling Friday. The order was made following an investigation that focused on the Virginia-based chain. Officials say toxic materials, flammable liquids, batteries, and electronic devices were unlawfully disposed of in nearly 500 locations across the state. The discount chain has also been ordered to implement a hazardous waste compliance program.

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Salinas Police Investigating Armed Robbery at Fabric Store- 4/27/15 06:30 S.G.

Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at a Salinas business yesterday afternoon. Officials say a man walked into Jo-Ann’s Fabrics on Davis Road, held an employee at gunpoint, and demanded money. He then fled the scene with an unknown amount of cash and several items from the store. The robber has been described as a man in his late 30s or early 40s. He was wearing a green University of Hawaii sweatshirt with the letter “H” on the front. Anyone with information is to contact Salinas police.


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A Celebration Was Held For The Bay Street Reservoir In Santa Cruz Last Week -04/26/15-1751-PMD

A celebration was held for the Bay Street Reservoir in Santa Cruz last week. The event allowed neighbors and the curious to tour the project and partake in water from the recently deployed the second of two six million gallon water tanks. The 25 foot tall concrete tanks permanently replace the 39 million gallon circa 1924 open reservoir. The original holding facility was replaced for sanitation and cost reasons.

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Researchers Say That Orcas Are Responsible For The Death Of Young Whale Found On A Santa Cruz County Beach -04/26/15-1751-PMD

Researchers say that Orcas are responsible for the death of young whale found on a Santa Cruz county beach. The carcass of the 23 foot yearling Gray whale washed up near the Pajaro Dunes on Wednesday with visible evidence of killer whale attacks. The same day a 40 foot adult Gray whale was found near Davenport. The body showed no signs of trauma, a brief inconclusive necropsy was performed conditions became un safe for researchers.


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