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Santa Cruz City Council mtg 11/13/18A 07:25 S.S.

When  they  meet  today…..Santa  Cruz  City  Council  members are  expected  to  consider  the  restriction,  or  possible  ban  of  the  sale  of  flavored  tobacco  within  city  limits.      23  tobacco  retailers  could  be  impacted.    Council  members  are  expect  to  discuss  this  matter  in  their  afternoon  session.

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Play-Off Game Delayed…..Again 11/13/18A 06:37 S.S.

The  Play-Off  game  between  the   5th  seeded  Aptos  Mariners,   and  4th  seeded  Terra  Nova,  has  been  delayed  yet  again,   due  to  poor  air  quality.      The   Central  Coast  Section  Open  Division  Lll  game  is  now  scheduled  to  begin  at  7  p.m.  in  Pacifica  this  coming  Friday.     This  game  was  only  1  of  20  c-c-s  events  that  have  been  re-scheduled,  due  to  poor  air  quality  flowing through  the  greater  bay  area…..from  the  more  than  117-thousand  acre  Camp  Fire  (burning  about 85  miles  north  of  Sacramento). 

The  wildfire  is  now  considered  to  be  30  percent  contained,  and  firefighters  hope  to  have  it  completely  contained  by  November  30th.

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Room Fire At Seascape 11/13/18A 06:25 S.S.

A  fire  in  a  room   at  Seascape  Beach  Resort  In  Aptos  yesterday  afternoon,  may  have  been  sparked  by  illegal  activity.     Firefighters  said  it  looked  as  though  the  occupant  (or  occupants)  were  involved  in  trying  to  produce  Butane Honey  Oil.

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Watsonville Traffic Lights-11/12/18-1741-PMD

The Watsonville Police department announced that traffic Signal lights at Main and Fifth Streets are operable again. A power outage in the area knocked out the stop lights at about 4:25 p-m. Traffic controls were utilized until the signals were restored about an hour later.


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