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Local News

May 4, 2016: Monterey Bay Community Power Completes Feasibility Study

(09:40) SANTA CRUZ - A regional project on the Central Coast has completed a feasibility study, validating the creation of a new, clean-source power agency. The project, called Monterey Bay Community Power or MBCP, was created by local government agencies to provide electricity to residents and businesses throughout the tri-county area. In their feasibility study, MBCP details a regional plan that would increase renewable energy and stimulate the economy by creating green jobs. The creation of the power agency would also enable residential and business customers to choose clean-source power at a cost equivalent to PG&E. The public is encouraged to attend three upcoming community study sessions to learn more about the proposal. The first meeting is scheduled to be held on May 24 from 9:30 to noon at Monterey County Board of Supervisors. (S.G.)




May 4, 2016: Monterey County to Receive Waste Management Funding from CalRecycle

(09:13) CALIFORNIA – Monterey County officials have received over $70,000 to safely manage waste and used tires. The funds have been awarded by CalRecycle’s Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program. The program aims to ensure cities and counties have enough money to enforce compliance for managing waste and used tires, including safe hauling and storage. CalRecycle is distributing a total of $5.7 million in tire enforcement grants to thirty-six local jurisdictions across California. (S.G.)



May 4, 2016: Demolition Work Begins on Building on Front Street in Santa Cruz

(08:52) SANTA CRUZ – Crews have started demolishing a building in downtown Santa Cruz. The structure at 521 Front Street was previously occupied by the Thrift Center, which has since moved to a building on the 1300 block of Water Street. City officials are currently considering how the property will be used in the future. Proposals have included building an affordable housing complex or a new parking facility. In the meantime, the property will be paved to create up to 20 new parking spaces. The demolition work began this week and is expected to last through next week. (S.G.)





May 4, 2016: Santa Cruz County Civil Grand Jury Finds Sheriff’s Office Does Not Mishandle Seized Assets

(08:07) SANTA CRUZ COUNTY – A Santa Cruz County Civil Grand Jury has released a report exonerating the Sheriff’s Office from accusations of misconduct. The report was the result of a four-month investigation looking into the law enforcement agency’s handling of property seizures. The jury has concluded that the Sheriff’s Office is fair and just in its procedures. The investigation was launched amid nationwide concerns of police misconduct. Out of all the law enforcement agencies in Santa Cruz County, the Sheriff’s Office handles the most assets seized in criminal cases. The report’s sole recommendation suggests that the Sheriff’s Office improve their transparency by posting annual data on asset forfeiture. (S.G.)


May 4, 2016: Santa Cruz County Land Trust Approves Funding for Rail Trail

(07:49) SANTA CRUZ COUNTY – The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has voted to contribute $1.5 million in funding for a section of the Coastal Rail Trail. The trust’s Board of Trustees has made the pledge to help build the trail between the San Lorenzo River and 17th Avenue. The funds will match a $12 million federal grant request from the County Public Works Department. If the grant application is unsuccessful, the $1.5 million from the Land Trust would go towards the construction of the Rail Trail from the Yacht Harbor to 17th Avenue. The Land Trust has already committed over $3 million to build five miles of the trail from Wilder Ranch State Park to Coast Dairies. (S.G.)