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UPDATE 3: Colorado Fire Now 35% Contained 01-23-22 23:36 S.S.

The Colorado Fire, which broke out in Palo Colorado Canyon Friday night is now considered 35 percent contained, and due to being able to get more accurate mapping done  fire officials niw say the wildfire has burned 700 acres (not the 1,050 or 1500 acres originally estimated). As of tonight (Sunday January 23rd, 2022) only 1 structure (a yurt), and a fire engine, have been damaged by the blaze so far.  Although the Mandatory Evacuations remain in-place, the Evacuation Center at Carmel Middle School will close as of 7 a.m. tomorrow (Monday). That said, Colorado Fire evacuees can still access shelter information by calling 2-1-1, including information on which local hotels are offering lower rates to those impacted by this wintertime wildfire.  Monterey County Health Department officials recommend that people in the evacuated areas either boil their tap water before using it (after they return home), because the fire may have damaged their water system's infrastructure....or use bottled water....at least until each impacted water system can be checked.

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