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SCruz County Hemp Lawsuit 02.22.2021 0940 7 JS

Santa Cruz County could be on the hook for $10 Million due to a lawsuit filed last week.

The lawsuit is being filed by Joseph Salama on behalf of Jordon Levy with Sungrown Organic Hemp who is principal of the company.

Joseph explains the allegations as to why they are filing suit.

“[The crop] was being grown to extract CBD flower from it. We contend that [Santa Cruz] County came in and did the wrong kind of testing. They followed a different guideline, from the newly enacted California guidelines, and the result was they ended up getting a false positive. The test resulted that it was marijuana, not hemp”, Salama stated.

Salama also mentioned in an interview on KSCO that the county refuses to admit they “screwed up the first time” and they fear a follow-up test would have had them destroying the crop, and that due to the delay a majority of their crop had spoiled, resulting in filing suit to cover losses as a result of these events.


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