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MCo Fire Recovery 09-24-20A 07:13 S.S.

Approximately  2  million dollars  in  permit  fees  are  now  scheduled  to  be  waived,  for  people  seeking  to  rebuild  their  homes  and  other  permitted  structures….that were  destroyed  (or  damaged)  by  the  3  recent  wildfires  in  Monterey  county.     An  expedited  ministerial  review  (and  approval)  process  is  slated  to be  used  so  that  people can  replace permitted  structures.    For  un-permitted  structures  people  will still  need  to  use  the  usual  county  permit  process…including  compliance  with all  regulatory  requirements.  Property  owners  will  be  able  to  use  RV’s  and  trailers  as  temporary  housing  on  the  site  as they  are  rebuilding.  Officials  will be available to discuss debris removal, and watershed emergency response, and answer other similar  questions.

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