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UCSC Covid-19 Testing Plans 09-22-20A 06:22 S.S.

With  the fall  quarter  at  U.C. – Santa  Cruz  scheduled  to start  in  just  over  a  week…..some  students  are  moving  back  to  campus.   Only about 1,000  are  slated  to  be  on-campus, and  pool  testing (for  Coivd-19)  is  slated  to  take  place  twice  each  week.   Groups  of  people  will  be  test,  and  if  there’s  a  positive  result  then  the  school  will  work  as  quickly  as  possible  to  identify  who has  the virus  and  isolate  that  person  on-campus.  Students  are being tested  as  they  arrive  and  they  are  told  to  self-isolate  for  14  days  after  that.  Classes are scheduled to resume on October 1, but all but about 10 will be virtual.

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