Dolan Fire now 4th Biggest in MCo 09-14-20 21:06 S.S.

At  118,465 acres, the Dolan Fire is currently the 4th largest Fire in the history of Monterey County. Number 1 on the list was the 177,866 acre Marble Cone Fire back in 1977;  then the 2008 Basin Complex  Fire at 162,818 acres, and the 2016 Soberanes Fire that burned 132,127....which is just 13,662 acres more than the Dolan Fire has far. 

Highway 1 remains closed from Gorda to three miles north of Slate Hot Springs, because of rocks and other debris rolling onto the highway.

Fire officials say they encourage people to be cautious of their recreational activities, and avoid anything that could potentially lead to yet another wildfire.