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Carmel Considers New Laws Next Tuesday 07-31-20 04:29 DC

Next Tuesday, city officials in Carmel will consider two emergency ordinances: one will allow enforcement of face-covering orders through fines, the other targets businesses who might not be following COVID-19 outdoor dining rules.

Officials said four city events are likely to be canceled toward the end of the year because of viruses: the Veterans Day event, Halloween and Christmas celebrations and the city's birthday party.

Many events in Carmel, like Car Week's popular Concours on the Avenue and the Carmel Bach Festival, have already been canceled.

COVID-19 numbers in Carmel's zip code reported only 11 cases so far. Still, the Carmel County Health Department said it, and residents believe it is prudent to do more.

"We are a tourism-based economy here,” said Carmel Mayor Dave Potter. “But we have to be honest with each other. We need to protect the public, that's what this is all about."

The proposed ordinances are scheduled for a vote on Tuesday.


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