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SUHSD Board To Vote 09/10/19B 16:27 S.S.

The   Board  Of  Trustees  of  the  Salinas  Union  High  School  District  is  scheduled  to  vote  on  a  resolution.     It’s  all  about  whether  to  end  the  district’s  contract  with  Live  PD,  which  is  a cable television show on A&E, that has been in Salinas for almost a year and gives viewers a look into the day-to-day calls that  Salinas  police  officers  respond  to.    The  concern  about  the  cable  tv  show,  is  that  it sometimes  shows  the  city  (and  the  school  district)  in  a  negative  light....by  taking  “real  life  situations”  and  turning  them  into  ‘entertainment’.  

The Board Of Trustees meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the district board room.

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