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Needle Exchange 06/12/19A 07:26 S.S.

Santa  Cruz  county  supervisors  have  voted  unanimously  to  support  a  number  of  the  recommendations  made  by  the  Santa  Cruz  County Health  Services  Agency  regarding  its  controversial  syringe  services  program.   Some  of the  changes  supervisors  supported  are:

  • Installing safe sharp disposal containers in other jurisdictions.
  • Increasing the hours at the Emeline and Watsonville clinics to 15 hours a week
  • And managing a 90-day Waste Stream Assessment using marked needles to determine what syringes exchanged by the county are contributing to the litter.

The H.S.A. has been instructed to come back in September with:

Information on whether the extended operating hours are working,  and how much it might cost for a Waste Stream Assessment.

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