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SCC Cannabis Rules 05/15/19A 07:05 S.S.

New  Cannabis  Cultivation  Rules  are expected to be rolled-out  within  the  next  year.    The  new rules  are  designed  to  make  it  easier,  for  at  least 75  cannabis  growers  (in  the  un-incorporated  portions  of  the  county).   The  changes  were  approved  yesterday  by  the Santa  Cruz  County  Board  of  Supervisors  in  a  3-2 vote.   Commercial cannabis cultivation has been legal in Santa Cruz County since the state legalized the drug for recreational use at the start of 2018.    According to the Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing Office,  no cannabis cultivator has yet been formally licensed by Santa Cruz County, and only 9 applicants are well on their way. The 63 businesses legally cultivating in Santa Cruz County so far are operating with temporary local authorizations.

The Cannabis Licensing Office also plans to survey local growers to better understand why they have not yet applied for a license, and to hold at least one outreach and education event per quarter.

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