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Landfills Accepting Used Tires 10-12-18 06:40 DC

As a way of reducing mosquito populations, local landfills will be accepting up to five passenger and light-duty tires from residents between tomorrow/Saturday and Oct. 20. Water that accumulates in the tires provide breeding grounds for thousands of the biting insects.

These locations will accept tires for free: Santa Cruz Landfill, 605 Dimeo Lane; Buena Vista Landfill, 1231 Buenta Vista Drive, Watsonville; Ben Lomond Transfer Station, 9835 Newell Creek Road, Ben Lomond and the Watsonville Waste & Recycle, 320 Harvest Drive. Tires must be less than 36 inches.

Contributed tires will be recycled into new products such as playground surfaces, floor mats and wheel stops. Call 831-454-2160 for a voucher to drop off more than five tires.

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