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CA C.C. Re-enactment 10/11/18A 03:55 S.S.

For  the  first  time  in  its  169-year  history,   all  of  Colton  Hall  is  now  accessible  to  visitors  in  wheelchairs.    That's  because  the  city  of  monterey  has  completed  a  353-thousand-dollar improvement  project,  just  in  time  for  this  weekend’s  re-enactment  of  the  original  signing  of  the  California  Constitution.    Both  floors  of  the iconic  Monterey  building  (where  the  first  California  Constitution  was  written and  signed  (back  in  1849)) are  now  A-D-A  compliant.    The  re-enactment  of  the  first California  Constitutional  Convention  is  slated  to begin  at  2 p-m  this  Sunday…..during  Monterey  History  Fest.

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