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Lightfighter Village 06/19/18A 08:45 S.S.

The  Veterans  Transition  Center  in  Marina  is working  to  create  permanent  housing  for eligible  veterans.   The  30  million  dollar development  is  being  called  Lightfighter  Village.    It’s  located  on  a  2.38  acre  parcel  of  land  that  is  expected  to  include  a  3-story, 71-unit  structure,  that  will  enable  currently  homeless  veterans  to  live  there  in  perpetuity.  They  would  also  be  able  to  continue  to  access  their  supportive  services.

There  are  also  plans  for  some   Higher  Density  Housing,   as  well  as  some  room  for  a  Tiny  Home  Village  nearby.

Lightfighter will be open to all veterans who meet program guidelines that include income limits for Low (and Extremely-Low) Income Housing,  Homeless Status, and the Prioritization Of Need…as determined by the Veteran’s Administration.

If all goes as planned, construction could begin on the project in the Fall of 2019.

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