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2 Inj On Highway 68 (SFB Morse) 03/21/18B 23:55 S.S.

2  people  suffered  only  minor  injuries tonight when  the vehicle  they  were  in  went  off  the  roadway  and  landed  (suspended)  between  2  trees.    The  9:30  p.m.  accident  occurred  on  Highway  68  near  SFB  Morse Drive.  It took  crews  a  while  to  extricate  the  2  injured  adults;  and  the roadway  was  closed  for  about  20  minutes  (to  get  the  vehicle  out  of  the  trees  and  back  up  to  the  roadway).  Highway  68  re-opened  in  that  area  shortly  before  midnight (Wednesday March 21st).

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