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Inmate Death Investigated 01/16/18B 17:44 S.S.

The  death  of  a  19  year-old  inmate  is  being  investigated.     Jose  Alcantar-Ortega   suffered  fatal  stab  wounds  in  his  cell  at  Salinas  Valley  State  Prison  on  Friday.     He  succumbed  to  those  injuries  yesterday.     26-year-old Alberto Cortez, and 25-year-old Jaime Romero,  were  also  in  the  same  cell,  and  have  been  named the  suspects  in  this  homicide.   Both  were  in  possession  of  inmate-manufactured  weapons  at  the  time  of  the  Alcantar-Ortega’s  stabbing.  

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