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Woodpeckers Back In The Wild 11/21/17B 17:50 S.S.

Some  woodpeckers,   that  were  found  stuffed  in  a  backpack  in  Salinas  a  couple  months  ago,   have  been released  to  the  wild.   The  birds  (and  their  nest)  were  taken  to  the  S.P.C.A  of  Monterey  County’s  Wildlife  Center,  after  the  backpack  was  found  in  the middle  of  a  road  near  La  Paz  Park.     The  little  woodpeckers  appear  to  be  adjusting  well  to  their   return  to  the  wild.  The SPCA Wildlife Center is the only full service wildlife rehabilitation center serving Monterey county. To report animal cruelty, or donate to the SPCA For Monterey County, Click Here.

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