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May 18, 2017: Update: Sex Tape Reveals Child Abuse    

(15:15) Santa Cruz County - A Santa Cruz neurosurgeon and 2 nurses are accused of raping children who are younger than 10 years old.   Watsonville Police reported that 57 year-old James Kohut had affairs WITH, a Dominican Hospital ICU nurse, 42 year-old Rashel Brandon, of Watsonville, and a second nurse, 29 year-old Emily Stephens, and that children were abused during their sexual encounters.   According to an arrest warrant, Brandon's husband found a tape showing his wife and Stephens committing sex acts together against children.  Although all 3 suspects worked in hospitals, police found no evidence that any crimes occurred in a medical facility.   If convicted of the charges against them, Brandon, Stephens, and Kohut are facing life in prison.

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