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3- San Benito County races - 06/04/14AA 04:20 S.S.

In 7 of the 8 races in San Benito County, the candidates ran un-opposed. The race for the 4th District seat for the San Benito County Supervisors was a 3-way race. Jerry Muenzer received the most with 43.4 percent of the vote, and he was closely followed by Victor Gomez, who got 38.48 percent of the vote. That means that Muenzer and Gomez will face-off in the November General election.

Daniel Recht came in with just under 18 percent.


7/9 77.78%
Vote Count Percent
- JERRY MUENZER 759 43.40%
- VICTOR GOMEZ 673 38.48%
- DANIEL R. RECHT 311 17.78%
WRITE-IN 6 0.34%
Total 1,749 100.00%

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