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Hart declared winner in SC Co Sheriff race - 06/04/14AA 01:13 og

With one hundred percent of the precincts reported, Jim Hart is projected to be the winner of the 2014 Santa Cruz County Sheriff/Coroner race. Hart received sixty-five point three three percent (65.33%) or twenty-thousand one hundred forty (20,140) votes….far more than the 50% plus one vote required to avoid a run-off in November. Roger Wildey received twenty-one point six four percent (21.64%) or six thousand six-hundred seventy votes(6,670), with Bob Pursley finishing third with twelve and a half percent (12.50%) or three thousand eight hundred fifty four votes (3,854).

Hart was endorsed by sheriff Phil Wowak when Wowak announced his retirement in March of this year.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner
200/200 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NPP - JIM HART 20,140 65.33%
NPP - ROGER WILDEY 6,670 21.64%
NPP - ROBERT J. PURSLEY JR. 3,854 12.50%
WRITE-IN 163 0.53%
Total 30,827 100.00%

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